Corona virus remains infectious on contaminated surfaces for up to five days

Corona viruses can remain on surfaces for up to five days at room temperature and remain infectious. On average, they survive between four and five days, writes a research team from Greifswald and Bochum in the “Journal of Hospital Infection”.

Since there is no specific therapy against coronaviruses, the prevention of infections is important. Like all droplet infections, the virus spreads through the hands and surfaces that are touched frequently. “In the hospital this could be, for example, doorknobs, but also bells, bedside tables, bed frames and other objects in the immediate vicinity of patients,” said Günter Kampf from the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the Greifswald University Medical Center on Friday.


Why is STERISAFE effective against corona viruses?

“STERISAFE has performed several efficacy tests by third party laboratories following the AFNOR NF T 72 281 protocol which is the only standard for efficacy proof for room disinfection procedures.

The STERISAFE PRO has demonstrated an efficacy superior than 99,999% removal for Adenovirus, Murine Norovirus, Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara and Polyomavirus SV40.  These are surrogate and standard test viruses used to document efficacy for enveloped viruses similar to the corona virus.
STERISAFE PRO have demonstrated similar efficacy of the Bovine strain of coronavirus in recent tests with third part laboratories”

Andrew Butcher, Head of Innovation at STERISAFE