Disinfection designed for the food industry

From milling the grain to butchering animals, smoking fish and canning foods, food processing carries huge benefits for humans – and enormous risks.

Globalized food trade, extensive production, and complex supply chains in the food industry contribute to an increased number of microbiological food safety outbreak. Epidemics, that can severely damage a company’s reputation causing significant financial losses.

Using atmospheres own technique, our patented and proven STERISAFE technology decontaminates all surfaces and the air, eliminating harmful contaminants that can lead to illness, reputation damage and financial downfall.

Beat the battle with bacteria

Listeria, norovirus, and salmonella. Foodborne pathogens can cause severe intoxications and illnesses.

Each year an estimated 48 million Americans, not to mention millions of Europeans and Asians, are stricken ill as the result of a foodborne pathogen.

With the rise of global food production, products continuously need to satisfy a higher number of food safety requirements.

Get rid of biofilms

Bacteria, fungi, protists and other microorganisms form biofilms that attach themselves to various surfaces. And contact-surface hazards are indeed one of the major dangers. Machines used to clean, process, and package food are wrought with bacterial risks and hazards.

The STERISAFE technology purifies all surfaces and air, so food companies affordably and easily can eliminate microbiological cross-contamination.

The costs of food poisoning

Getting sick from what you eat is costly. Notifying customers, removing food from shelves, and perhaps facing lawsuits is an expensive business. In the US, medical treatment, lost productivity, and illness-related mortality is estimated to be more than $50 billion per year.

Gain operation efficiency

Bacteria are everywhere – but they are not unstoppable.

Operational efficiency remains a top concern for food manufacturers and processors, as profits are quickly lost when product, time, and resources are wasted.

The proven and patented STERISAFE technology can substantially reduce risks and reduce costs by preventing bacterial outbreaks in the food processing chain.

Live up to strict quality control

When it comes to food safety, there is no free lunch. Rules and regulations have evolved rapidly in recent years. Companies must continuously adapt to stricter classifications. It is critical for the food industry to live up to good manufacturing practices to comply.

Using the atmospheres own technique, the proven and patented STERISAFE solution disinfects all surfaces and air, leaving no biofilms behind.

No additional purchases

An all-in-one setup makes STERISAFE the easiest no-touch disinfection system to budget for.

Our patented disinfection process works by converting ambient oxygen into ozone, creating a powerful disinfectant that doesn’t require additional purchases. After the disinfection process, the ozone converts back to oxygen, and the room is now safe to enter.

The only products you’ll ever need are electricity and water.

Cut production downtime and product loss

Facilities need only to be taken out of production for the minutes spent in the disinfection cycle. As the process obliterates all traces of contagions in seconds after a completed period, the facility can be entered immediately after a completed cycle. Run the disinfection cycle, and the area is then safe to use again right away.

Effective and easy to use 

Backed by high standards of research, development, and quality assurance, our full-depth disinfection cycle technology is the only one on the market that applies a full air purification process after biological disinfection, leaving no bacteria, molds, viruses or spores behind.

Let the STERISAFE robot do the job, run the disinfection cycle, and the area is then safe to use again right away.

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