The STERISAFE FLEX is an air tight chamber, dedicated for use in places where sealing off entire rooms is difficult or impossible.

STERISAFE FLEX creates the perfect environment for the STERISAFE PRO’s Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC) and are easy to setup and store away. The airtight zipper is easily opened and closed to allow for easy access of equipment and the STERISAFE PRO unit.  Once the Flex is set up, it is ready to be used over and over again.

There are endless applications for the use of STERISAFE FLEX, from Hospital beds to delicate electronic equipment. See our reference page to read more about how some of our customers are currently applying the STERISAFE FLEX

Flexible to use

STERISAFE FLEX can be used a permanent solution for dedicated disinfection but is easy to put up and take down if the need arises.

Lightweight and durable

STERISAFE FLEX is made of 100% ozone resistant material. The tent can easily be transported in the dedicated duffel bags.

Sterisafe flex tent

Sealing & safety equipment

With the STERISAFE PRO unit we offer two standardized sealing tools, to make it easier and faster to prepare for room disinfection.

  • The ventilation and fire alarm cover, which allows for easy sealing of rooms without the need for a ladder. The standard ventilation cover is 63 x 63cm with a telescopic pole up to 3.7m
  • The standard fire alarm cover is 20cm in diameter, 10cm in depth with a telescopic pole up to 3.5m

In addition we also offer a haldheld ozone monitor to measure ozone concentration in the air and detect potential leakage. Some people can detect ozone smell in the air even at very low concentrations because some are more sensitive than others. This device can leave you rest assured that even though there might be a little smell in the air you are safe!

Ranges from 0.03 to 20ppm with a 12-hour battery life

Time saver

The ventilation and fire alarm cover are both time savers when it comes to sealing off the room. They are easy to use and store away and can be made to fit most ventilation specifications.

User friendly

Made to make sealing more convenient this sealing equipment is user-friendly and adjustable to fit all ceiling heights.

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