STERISAFE-Pro automated disinfection robot


The FDDC technology in a mobile unit for disinfection of rooms and buildings contaminated with viruses, bacteria, fungus and spores.

DOWNLOAD Biocidal effect in terminal disinfection: STERISAFE™-Pro case study

The STERISAFE™-Pro is easily moved from room to room to perform quick and safe whole-room disinfection. Simply wheel the unit into the room and you can launch the process remotely thanks to the tablet. The process is then fully automated and monitored and will warn you once the room is disinfected and safe to enter.

Disinfection of hospital beds with STERISAFE-Flex

After the disinfection, the STERISAFE™-Pro reverses its process turning residual oxidants back into pure oxygen while also removing all particles and nano-particles. It is then fully safe to enter and use the room again. No need for protective mask or to open the windows. The STERISAFE™-Pro leaves no residual compounds or harmful by-products.

The STERISAFE™-Pro does not use any consumables. It creates its oxidant (ozone) from ambient air.


When oxidizing bacteria, viruses and general pollution in the air, a by-product is created consisting of very small particles that can potentially be carcinogenic. Unlike other whole-room sterilization solutions, the STERISAFE™ removes the harmful particles together with all other residues remaining in the room after the disinfection phase.

Key attributes:

  • Kills up to 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses
  • No chemical residue
  • No harmful by-products
  • Mobile, flexible and easy to use
  • Compact
  • No additives – consumes only water and electricity

The STERISAFE™-Pro can be purchased, rented or based on a pay-per-use function.

Download the STERISAFE™-Pro brochure in PDF here

Decontamination room for healthcare


The FDDC technology in a fixed unit, built-in a room. It provides solution for the safe disinfection of sensitive industrial areas, general equipment and hospital furniture

STERISAFE™-Total is a dedicated modular disinfection chamber for the disinfection of sensitive production areas and none-critical equipment and furniture. It will fully disinfect the surface of the items in a short time. Simply close the door and press the START button on the screen. The whole FDDC process is fully automated and monitored. Light and sound will indicate the end of the disinfection.

STERISAFE™-Total can be built in different sizes depending of the need and the space available. Based on the FDDC disinfection technology, it does not require any consumables beside water and electricity. There is no need for purchasing, storing or handling chemicals.

STERISAFE™-Total enables a high utilization rate of the hospital or production facility while keeping staff and surroundings safe before, after and during the treatment. Operators and staff are not exposed to contaminated items, harmful chemicals or by-products.

When the occupancy rate of the patient rooms is high, there is no time to block a room for a whole-room disinfection process. However, in the continuous fight against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), it is still necessary to disinfect handled items and furniture such as beds, tables, commodes, wheelchairs, etc. STERISAFE ApS solves the problem by implementing the highly effective FDDC technology into a dedicated room.

Key attributes:

  • Dedicated room for safe disinfection
  • No consumables
  • Short Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC)
  • No hazardous residues or byproducts
  • Removes the reliance on an operator
  • Requires little to none staff training
  • No need to seal the room


Download the STERISAFE™-Total brochure in PDF here

STERISAFE Service van disinfection 2


Fully equipped van for the providing of disinfection services to hospitals, laboratories, sport facilities and food production.

The STERISAFE™-Service van can be applied to provide ad hoc or routine disinfection services. It is fully equipped with all crucial equipment able to disinfect rooms up 500 m3.

The van is equipped with,

  • four STERISAFE™-Pro units
  • monitoring equipment
  • safety equipment
  • biological test equipment
  • sealing equipment

The van can be used for routine disinfection of operating theaters, intensive wards or commercial kitchens and production areas.

The STERISAFE™-Service will be operated by specially trained staff and can be applied in case of outbreaks or as part of routine disinfection services.

Key attributes:

  • On call unit with trained operators
  • Short Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC)
  • No hazardous residues or byproducts
  • All measurement and monitoring equipment
  • Wide range of application possible

Can be used add-hock or as routine disinfection

Many outbreaks of for example listeria can be avoided in food production if the production area is disinfected periodically. Using the STERISAFE™-Service such service can now be offered by cleaning companies and other service providers. The STERISAFE™-Service will soon be available in the Middle-East


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