As the challenge of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) is growing all over the world, there is an urgent need to upgrade technologies used to disinfect rooms. 37.000 people are dying every year in Europe due to infections caught within the hospital walls. How come we still disinfect our hospital rooms manually, the same way it has been done for decades?

STERISAFE ApS is a health-tech company with the ambition to lead the revolution in upgrading the environmental hygiene methods in the healthcare segment, as well as in other industries. With a strong background in science and engineering, the STERISAFE team brought together the latest findings and innovations in atmospheric chemistry, plasma technology, sensors technology and IoT to develop a superior and unique disinfection solution.

Located on the campus of the University of Copenhagen and in the heart of Copenhagen Science City since 2014, STERISAFE ApS developed a unique and patented technology to perform effective, safe and rapid automated room disinfection. It self-generates its biocidal gas, consumes only water and electricity, removes all residues and particles during the last phase of the treatment and finally monitors and documents the whole process to guarantee safety and efficacy.

Developed for hospitals, valuable for many industries

The primary focus of STERISAFE has been to develop a solution for hospitals. However, the need to upgrade environmental hygiene exists in several segments, as microbial contaminations can have huge commercial and financial impact in industries such as food factories, veterinaries or cruise-ships. STERISAFE is progressively expanding to more segments, so more people can benefit from the latest technologies in hygiene and a safer environment.

The technology is available via our first product, the STERISAFE PRO. The organization spun-off from the clean-tech company INFUSER, a leader in the development of novel technologies for air purification and pollution control, in 2019, to focus solely on its mission to create safer environments with superior automated disinfection technologies. STERISAFE PRO is now available through its network of specialized partners to help different industries reducing their risks and costs linked to infections and contaminations. All products are assembled and tested in the STERISAFE factory located in Sweden.

At STERISAFE we are continuously developing our product line and technology to include the latest technical innovations and bring more value to users. The vision is to bring the Industry 4.0 drivers to environmental hygiene: Automation, Safety, Data, Cloud, Smart sensor, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).
Combining these elements with room disinfection and you will get products that can streamline procedures, validate disinfection of rooms and much more.

At STERISAFE we also value close contact with clients, partners, suppliers, and other important stakeholders to ensure superior quality products. We are very proud that all STERISAFE products are tested and manufactured locally in Denmark. This gives a quality assurance to our clients all over the world.


To create safer indoor environments with superior automated disinfection technologies.



To lead the revolution for a world where infection is not a part of people’s environment.


Universal disinfection. STERISAFE creeps into cracks and under furnishings -leaves no germs!


STERISAFE leaves only clean air and disinfected surfaces. This is full-depth disinfection.


The natural processes taking place naturally in the upper Earth atmosphere in a product

Cost efficient

Uses only electricity and water to run, there are no additional purchases.

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