STERISAFE ApS is a health-tech company with the ambition to lead the revolution in upgrading environmental hygiene methods.  STERISAFE’s journey began as an innovative project at INFUSER in 2014. A small company with a strong ambition to bring life-changing and innovative products to the market. With a strong background in atmospheric chemistry and engineering and close ties to Copenhagen University, a team of scientists and business developers started a project to develop a sustainable, safe, and highly effective disinfection solution for rooms. A project that came to be known as STERISAFE.

Located on the campus of the University of Copenhagen and in the heart of Copenhagen Science City since 2014, STERISAFE ApS developed a unique and patented technology to perform effective, safe, and rapid automated room and equipment disinfection. The STERISAFE project pioneered a unique and patented technology, named after its properties to disinfect: The Full Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC). Applying the oxidative features of the atmospheric gas ozone, STERISAFE PRO, became the first robot to use the FDDC technology.

STERISAFE’s FDDC technology and disinfection solutions mean that compliance and sustainability are guaranteed. Using integrated sensor & monitoring technologies, remote control operation, automated reporting, and a chemical-free biocide that is created in-situ, STERISAFE changes the way disinfection can be completed and controlled.

Developed to improve hygiene & healthcare

Every person should have the right to be safe and minimize the risk of infection when entering facilities. The primary focus of STERISAFE has been to develop a solution for hospitals. However, the need to upgrade environmental hygiene exists in several segments, as microbial contaminations can have a huge commercial and financial impact in all industries. At STERISAFE we strive to provide the best solutions and implementations of our technologies to any industry in need of upgraded hygiene.

Our STERISAFE team is continuously developing our product line and technology to include the latest technical innovations and bring more value to users. The vision is to bring the Industry 4.0 drivers to environmental hygiene: Automation, Safety, Data, Cloud, Smart sensor, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Combining these elements with room and equipment disinfection and you will get a solution that can streamline procedures, validate disinfection of rooms, and much more. This makes STERISAFE the only company that can provide a complete solution with a suite of products and services that support integrated disinfection solutions, which account for safety, accountability, and sustainability.

At STERISAFE we value close contact with clients, partners, suppliers, and other important stakeholders to ensure superior quality products. We are very proud that all STERISAFE products are tested and manufactured locally in Denmark. This gives quality assurance to our clients all over the world.


To create safer indoor environments with superior automated disinfection technologies.



To lead the revolution for a world where infection is not a part of people’s environment.


Universal disinfection. STERISAFE creeps into cracks and under furnishings -leaves no germs!


STERISAFE leaves only clean air and disinfected surfaces. This is full-depth disinfection.


The natural processes taking place naturally in the upper Earth atmosphere in a product

Cost efficient

Uses only electricity and water to run, there are no additional purchases.

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