Automated disinfection for the Coronavirus

The challenge with Coronavirus is that it can remain infectious on surfaces for up to 3 days and, if airborne, up to 2.7 hours.

The STERISAFE PRO robot, has been tested at the Dr. Brill Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology and proven a 99.999% efficacy in removing the virus from surfaces.

Safeguarding rooms is crucial for fighting the Coronavirus. With the STERISAFE PRO, the room will be completely disinfected and ready for the next patient.

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Contracting MRSA or other bacterial infections while hospitalized is a substantial risk for patients. With the STERISAFE FDDC technology, hospitals can effectively and affordably achieve the highest degree of disinfection on all surfaces and air.

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Being ill with norovirus, or other gastrointestinal illness while enjoying a vacation on a yacht or cruise is a nightmare. The patented STERISAFE technology effectively and affordably makes sure that the highest degree of disinfection is reached on all surfaces and air.

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Animal hospitals, emergency vets and veterinarian clinics know the importance of infection prevention and hygiene to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens. STERISAFE provides full decontamination of the air and all surfaces.

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Food Industry

Food processing carries huge benefits for humans but also enormous risks if these are contaminated due to unsanitary surroundings. From milling the grain to meat production, smoking fish and canning foods, STERISAFE eliminates all harmful contaminants in your production.

Our flagship product the STERISAFE PRO revolutionize the way professionals can handle environmental disinfection and is:

To disinfect, STERISAFE takes oxygen from the surrounding air and activates it. By simply joining three oxygen atoms it creates ozone which is a powerful biocide. Just like oxygen, ozone is a gas, so it easily floods the room. It even creeps into cracks and under furnishing. When STERISAFE disinfects a room, no germs survive, no matter where they hide.

When the disinfection cycle is complete, STERISAFE reverses the process and turns the ozone back into safe, breathable oxygen.During this procedure of removing the ozone, STERISAFE also disinfects the air in the room and removes all particles left over from the process. After the disinfection cycle STERISAFE leaves all air clean and surfaces disinfected. This is Full-Depth Disinfection.

The patented Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle is inspired by processes taking place naturally in the upper earth atmosphere. Ozone generated from oxygen is an important part of the atmospheres self cleaning capability. In nature, ozone cleans the air, and then reverts to safe, breathable oxygen within hours. In the FDDC process the reconversion from ozone to oxygen is accelerated. Instead of taking hours the transformation takes place in seconds.

Because STERISAFE uses only electricity and water, there are no additional purchases to budget for. Because the ozone completely floods the room, there is no need for additional disinfection measures after a completed cycle. STERISAFE’s deep disinfection cycle obliterates all traces of the germs it kills, the rooms are safe to enter just seconds after a completed cycle.

“The professionals assumed that hand hygiene was enough to prevent infection, but now we know that environmental disinfection is also very important because multi-resistant bugs are present on all surfaces around the patients.”

– Prof. Skrlin, MD & PhD Clinical microbiology

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