Creating safer indoor environments

The STERISAFE automated disinfection solutions are for organization aiming to consolidate disinfection procedures and create safer indoor environments. STERISAFE has become a crucial part of disinfection procedures for many healthcare institutions all over the world. Implementing STERISAFE in infection prevention & control procedures leads to improved outcomes, safety & quality, all while benefitting the bottom line.

Putting the “whole” in whole-room disinfection

Ozone, will reach every surface and every corner of the disinfection room in addition to disinfecting the air. This makes STERISAFE the best and most reliable disinfection solutions for equipment and rooms.

Hitting the reset button

When STERISAFE’s Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle are used in a room, the microbial burden is reset until the room is taken in use again. It is similar to hitting a reset button for microbial activity, and ensures that all surfaces in a room are safe for the next persons occupying the room.

Our patented disinfection process works by converting ambient oxygen into ozone, creating a powerful disinfectant that doesn’t require additional purchases. After the disinfection process, the ozone is converted back to oxygen, and the room is now safe to enter. The only consumables you’ll ever need are electricity and water. .

Terminal cleaning

STERISAFE; an easy solution for efficient and time saving terminal cleaning. During terminal cleaning, an entire rooms from floor to ceiling, including all re-usable equipment have to wiped down and disinfected.
A STERISAFE solution can complete full terminal disinfection in as little as 1,5 hours*, fully automated without risks for cross contamination.

*Depending on setup & room size

Disinfection of operating theatres

Disinfection of high risk areas such as operating theatres, is one of the main application of STERISAFE’s solutions. The room needs only to be taken out of circulation for the minutes spent on disinfection and it is a valuable way to end off the cleaning procedures of the day and prepare for the next. The process obliterates all traces of contagions and rooms are safe to enter immediately after a completed cycle. The proven and patented STERISAFE technology can substantially reduce infection risks and reduce costs by preventing outbreaks.

Care homes & elderly care

An all-in-one setup makes STERISAFE the easiest no-touch disinfection system to budget for.
STERISAFE is a popular and effective solution to create safe environments for areas inhabited by people with immunosuppression. Frequent disinfection of rooms and common areas is an effective way to reduce the risk of outbreaks and deaths caused by such.

Effective and easy to use

STERISAFE’s ozone technology kills is very effective for all common and hard to kill pathogens. Contrary to other disinfectants you don’t have harmful toxics in the room after disinfection and your staff will no longer need to handle dangerous chemicals that so many times have been linked with adverse health effects. Let STERISAFE do the job without side effects to you health and safety.

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