Automatic disinfection for the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus can remain infectious on contaminated surfaces in up to 3 days. Airborne and surface spread of the coronavirus can be stopped with the STERISAFE PRO disinfection robot.

With the STERISAFE PRO, the room will be completely disinfected and ready for the next patient.

Proven and tested technology

The STERISAFE PRO robot, has been tested at the Dr. Brill Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Germany and proven a 99.999% efficacy in removing the Coronavirus from several surfaces: Stainless Steel, on solid core furniture boards and on ceramic tiles.

The STERISAFE only uses the global accepted NF T 72-281 standard for efficacy testings.


When it comes to the Coronavirus, prevention is critical. And nowhere is this more vital than within hospitals and clinics where the presence of people with chronical medical conditions are present.

With the STERISAFE robot, the room will be completely disinfected and can secure safe conditions for patients and staff.

Keeping our health care workers safe

With the pressure on our medical system, it is crucial to keep our health care workers safe.

Personal protective equipment (PPE), like masks, gloves, and gowns are essential together with having safe disinfected zones for doctors and nurses to do their work.

The STERISAFE can keep the zones clean.

How does it work? 

Place the STERISAFE PRO inside the contaminated room and seal it. The STERISAFE PRO will generate  a biocidal gas that will infuse the entire room and eliminate microorganism in every corner and crack of the room. When the levels of disinfection are reached, the STERISAFE will revert the process, leaving a completely disinfected room.

Disinfecting challenging apparatus

Wheelchairs, patient beds and other items in the hospital are notoriously tricky to clean. STERISAFE offers a simple, proven and cost-efficient solution to keep these items totally infection-free and all surfaces disinfected.

No additional purchases

An all-in-one setup makes STERISAFE the easiest no-touch disinfection system to budget for.

Our patented disinfection process works by converting ambient oxygen into ozone, creating a powerful disinfectant that doesn’t require additional purchases. After the disinfection process, the ozone converts back to oxygen, and the room is now safe to enter.

No additional purchases are required. The only products you’ll ever need are electricity and water.

Rapid, comprehensive disinfection

Hospital rooms need only to be taken out of circulation for the minutes spent in the disinfection cycle. As the process obliterates all traces of contagions in seconds after a completed period, rooms are safe to enter immediately after a completed cycle. Run the disinfection cycle, and the area is safe to use right away.

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A long-term strategy for reducing hospital costs

Patients risk of contraction a health-associated infection boils down to millions of extra days spent in hospitals, billions of euros, and something even more valuable than time or money – life.

STERISAFE your hospital rooms and protect your patients, your staff, and the hospital budgets.

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