Safeguarding equipment

Disinfecting equipment with STERISAFE PRO’s patented and proven ozone technology will ensure that reusable equipment is safe and infection free. STERISAFE’s Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC) technology is compatible with most equipment and electronics and can significantly improve your disinfection processes. Disinfecting equipment is a crucial part of preventing cross contamination and breaking the chain of infection.

The sustainable disinfection solution

STERISAFE’s technology is chemical-free and uses a disinfectant that is as natural as the air we breathe.
The unique disinfection process, uses activated oxygen or Ozone (O3), which is created from the ambient oxygen present in the surroundings.  STERISAFE is the sustainable choice, because disinfection can be completed without exposure to chemical residues and without the need to handle, transport or store chemical products.

Validation is safety

STERISAFE’s disinfection solutions is equipped with state of the art sensor and monitoring technologies that will ensure a safe disinfection procedure. The operating data and cloud platform, STERISAFE STRATOS, allows operators to instantly validate and document disinfection cycles and conditions.

Information is power

With STERISAFE PRO’s live monitoring, you will continuously be supplied with valuable data and disinfection reports to track performance and stay ahead of your operations. This gives you a unique opportunity to manage your health regimen based on user-friendly data.

Turnkey disinfection solutions

Two project are rarely the same. At STERISAFE we strive to deliver the best customized disinfection solutions for all our clients. We can handle all needs, from small product deliveries to large turnkey solutions.
Equipment disinfection solutions with STERISAFE, typically includes a dedicated and specified disinfection room and can often be built using a buildings current architecture or by building such a room from scratch. Let STERISAFE cover you disinfection needs and budget.

Safety, Accountability, Sustainability

At STERTISAFE, we do not compromise on quality.

If our many years of experience with microbiology, Ozone and disinfection have taught us anything, it is that you cannot cut corners when it comes to hygiene. There is a reason why we have gone lengths to assure that our technology is well tested, documented, and safe to use.
At STERISAFE we pride ourselves with trust and accountability. We always aim to be transparent in all of our findings and to live up the the most demanding standards.
Please explore our website, and read our whitepapers to learn more about our unique universe.

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