The STERISAFE disinfection technology in a dedicated room

Sustainable ozone based disinfection technology without use of chemicals:

  • Cost effective solution
  • Active odour removal
  • No chemicals
  • Live monitoring and documentation of every disinfected batch

The sustainable disinfection solution

The STERISAFE solution delivers a chemical free alternative to other disinfection processes with a proven and tested biocidal effect of up to 99,99999% reduction of microorganisms. No longer the need to store or handle dangerous chemicals. The technology complies with the EN 17272 standard for bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity.

Validation is safety

The STERISAFE technology is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and connectivity software. Every disinfection cycle is monitored and the results are automatically stored as a report in the cloud.

Consistent results for better care

At STERISAFE we have developed a solution that gives our clients full control of the disinfection environment. By integrating disinfection with careful monitoring in an airtight room, nothing is left to chance. We are in full control of all the parameters that makes up for consistent disinfection every time.

  • Biocide concentrations
  • Contact time
  • 100% surface coverage
  • Safety

Turnkey disinfection solutions

All portable equipment can be treated in our dedicated disinfection room and because two projects are never the same, STERISAFE strives to deliver the best customized disinfection solutions for all our clients. Depending on requirements and needs, we provide everything, from small product installations to large turnkey solutions. The disinfection room can easily be implemented into current facilities or infrastructure.
With STERISAFE you are in good hands from the start. Our product specialist will guide you towards the best solution, based on your preferred and specific needs. From design to technical specifications and installation each solution is thoroughly considered to ensure a perfect fit with our clients requirements.

Safety, Accountability, Sustainability

At STERISAFE, we pride ourselves in delivering trustworthy and accountable solutions to our clients worldwide.
Many years of experience with microbiology and ozone have taught us that disinfection efforts are often wasted without correct use and documentation of processes. This is why we have gone to extra lengths to ensure that our technology performs consistently every time. All our products and solutions are rigorously engineered, tested, documented, and approved to guarantee superior disinfection results, efficacy and safety.
We aim to be transparent in all our findings and to live up the most demanding standards.

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