Disinfection designed for healthcare

Contracting MRSA, COVID-19, virus or other bacterial infections whilst in hospital is a substantial risk for patients. Thanks to the proven and patented STERISAFE technology, hospitals can effectively and affordably achieve the highest degree of disinfection on all surfaces and air.

Designed to tackle the growing issue of hospital-acquired infections, our robots sterilize the room, leaving no residues or dirty filters, behind.

Safeguarding patients and staff

Disinfection of rooms is crucial in the work of fighting the Coronavirus. With the STERISAFE, the room will be completely disinfected and secure safe conditions for patients and staff.

Costs can be reduced

Take a deep breath. The associated costs of hospital-acquired diseases are having a substantial impact on healthcare systems across the globe.

In the US alone, it’s estimated that treating each person costs more than $26,000. In Europe, patients are spending a total of 16 million extra days in the hospital as a result of preventable infections.

The direct cost? €7 billion a year in Europe alone. That’s €7 billion of entirely avoidable expenses that could be better put toward improving patient care.

The good news? One in three hospitals acquired infections can be prevented with better hygiene.

Safeguarding operating theatres

When it comes to hospital-acquired infections, prevention is critical. And nowhere is this more vital than within the operating theatre, where most diseases are contracted.

Hospitals that integrate STERISAFE into pre-operating cleaning procedures prevent the spread of infection and decrease theatre downtime, minimizing the risk of patient’s picking up a preventable disease.

Keeping Intensive Care Units infection-free

A stay in Intensive Care drastically increases the risk of contracting an infection. STERISAFE effectively prevents outbreaks, diseases, and superbugs while complying with the exceptional cleaning requirements of intensive care – ultimately keeping your patients safer than ever before.

Disinfecting challenging apparatus

Wheelchairs, patient beds and other items in the hospital are notoriously tricky to clean. STERISAFE offers a simple, proven and cost-efficient solution to keep these items totally infection-free and all surfaces disinfected.

No additional purchases

An all-in-one setup makes STERISAFE the easiest no-touch disinfection system to budget for.

Our patented disinfection process works by converting ambient oxygen into ozone, creating a powerful disinfectant that doesn’t require additional purchases. After the disinfection process, the ozone converts back to oxygen, and the room is now safe to enter.

No additional purchases are required. The only products you’ll ever need are electricity and water.

Rapid, comprehensive disinfection

Hospital rooms need only to be taken out of circulation for the minutes spent in the disinfection cycle. As the process obliterates all traces of contagions in seconds after a completed period, rooms are safe to enter immediately after a completed cycle. Run the disinfection cycle, and the area is safe to use right away.

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A long-term strategy for reducing hospital costs

Patients risk of contraction a health-associated infection boils down to millions of extra days spent in hospitals, billions of euros, and something even more valuable than time or money – life.

STERISAFE your hospital rooms and protect your patients, your staff, and the hospital budgets.

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