The STERISAFE PLUS is an innovative add-on for the STERISAFE PRO that is designed to significantly reduce the purification phase time, resulting in a shorter total cycle duration.

By leveraging its advanced ozone and particle removal capabilities, the STERISAFE PLUS can save up to 60% of the purification time, making it the ideal solution for busy environments where speed and efficiency are crucial.

It is a mobile and user-friendly unit that can be easily integrated into any compatible STERISAFE PRO system. Simply plug it in to a PRO, and it will automatically activate at the start of the purification phase.

With the STERISAFE PLUS, you can enjoy a faster and more effective FDDC process, while also enjoying the same level of mobility and convenience that you’ve come to expect from the STERISAFE PRO. Upgrade your system today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Key attributes

Reduce the purification time of the Sterisafe-PRO by up to 60%

Fully automated

Mobile (on wheels)


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