With STERISAFE PRO you get the FDDC technology in a mobile unit for disinfection of rooms and buildings contaminated with viruses, bacteria, fungus and spores.

The STERISAFE PRO is easily moved from room to room to perform quick and safe whole-room disinfection. Simply wheel the unit into the room and you can launch the process remotely thanks to the tablet. The process is then fully automated and monitored and will warn you once the room is disinfected and safe to enter.

After the disinfection, the STERISAFE PRO reverses its process turning residual oxidants back into pure oxygen while also removing all particles and nano-particles. It is then fully safe to enter and use the room again. No need for protective mask or to open the windows. The STERISAFE PRO leaves no residual compounds or harmful by-products.

The STERISAFE PRO does not use any consumables. It produced the oxidant (ozone) from ambient air.

When oxidizing bacteria, viruses and general pollution in the air, a by-product is created consisting of very small particles that can potentially be carcinogenic. Unlike other whole-room sterilization solutions, the STERISAFE PRO removes the harmful particles together with all other residues remaining in the room after the disinfection phase.

Key attributes

Kills up to 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses

No chemical residue

No harmful by-products

Mobile, flexible and easy to use

Process fully monitored

No additives – consumes only water and electricity

The STERISAFE PRO can be purchased, rented or based on a pay-per-use function.

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