Disinfection designed for veterinarians

Feces, urine, blood, ringworm and dirt. Animal hospitals, emergency vets and veterinarian clinics know the importance of infection prevention and hygiene to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens.

Using atmospheres own technique, our patented and proven STERISAFE technology provides continuous, non-chemical decontamination of all surfaces and the air, helping veterinarians in all areas keeping a disinfected environment where needed.

Keeping it pure

Dragging a hose, mop bucket or contaminated shoes across supposedly clean floors. Surfaces in the clinic not only needs a proper sanitation – it needs a thorough disinfection.

Veterinary teams already make critical efforts toward infection control. However, all disinfections are not created equal. Often microorganisms and bacteria will still be on surfaces and in the air after a done job.

With STERISAFE, veterinarians get a proven and patented full-depth disinfection cycle technology – the only one on the market that applies a full air purification process after biological disinfection.

In other words, both air and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected using nature’s own method in the STERISAFE robot, leaving a clean room behind.

Reduce cost

The associated cost of clinic-acquired infections in animal hospitals and clinics are substantial. Otherwise healthy pets and personnel can become sick from contagious bacteria and microorganisms.

Today, animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics around the world are making use of STERISAFE robots to implement high-grade disinfection to keep pets and personnel safe.

Disinfection of high areas

Different parts of the clinic require varying levels of cleaning and disinfection. No need to disinfect the reception area as often as the operating room. Areas where sick or potentially sick animals are examined or treated require more stringent disinfection than others.

Our robots can easily be used in emergency admission rooms, surgery suits, exam rooms, isolation wards, intensive care units and oncology areas, disinfecting all surfaces and air, creating spaces free of odor and pathogens, making it a better place for animal caregivers to do their work and for pets to get the care they need.

The proven and patented STERISAFE technology can substantially reduce risks and reduce costs by preventing bacterial outbreaks in the food processing chain.

No additional purchases

An all-in-one setup makes STERISAFE the easiest no-touch disinfection system to budget for.

Our patented disinfection process works by converting ambient oxygen into ozone, creating a powerful disinfectant that doesn’t require additional purchases. After the disinfection process, the ozone converts back to oxygen, and the room is now safe to enter.

The only products you’ll ever need are electricity and water. Moreover, you will face no residues as contaminated filters that you need to replace or get rid of.

No time wasted

Facilities need only to be taken out of production for the minutes spent in the disinfection cycle. As the process obliterates all traces of contagions in seconds after a completed period, the facility can be entered immediately after a completed cycle.

When it comes to operating the unit, we provide thorough training.

Effective and easy to use

Our robots kill a broad range of bacteria, molds, viruses and spores. Contrary to other disinfectants you don’t have harmful toxics in the room after the cycle. Let our robot do the job, run the disinfection cycle, and the area is then safe to use again right away.

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