Two municipalities (aslo called communes) in Norway ready to use STERISAFE PRO to prevent infections in their public health sector.

Copra AS in Norway have facilitated the training in the two communes who now are ready to use STERISAFE PRO to fight the battle against HAI’s and outbreaks.

Aukra commune

A small commue with approximately 3500 inhabitants, who among other businesses have a large facility producing gas from the Norwegian oil fields to every fourth household in England.

This is a commune that invests much time and resources on welafare technology with the aim to help the big wave of elderly people in Norway, which is why they are very interested in competent and new technologies.

Giske commune

Giske is a commune consisting of many islands off of the Norwegian coast, in line with the faroe islands.
Giske is one of Norways largest fishing communes with approximately 160 companies, 700 employees and 2,9 billion kroner in revenues from fishing.

Giske also have a big mechanical industry, producing machine to fish breeding and processing.