Report on the results of a field test

FDDC in an operating theater (OT) in Vetmidi veterinarian surgical theatre, 2018

Vetmidi, a private veterinarian clinic, incorporated a FDDC treatment using a STERISAFE PRO to the cleaning and disinfection process of their surgical theatre.

The FDDC disinfection took place in the surgical theatre where all equipment to disinfect were placed. The whole cycle from disinfection to purification took 2,5 hours.

Samples were taken after cleaning manually and again after the FDDC treatment using Hygicult® Total Plate Count (TPC)  for measuring of microbiological organisms.

The results indicated clear accumulations of bacterial colonies before the FDDC cycle but showed eradication of such after the cycle.

The Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle by STERISAFE uses ozone to decontaminate the air and surfaces for bacteria, vira and fungi. After the disinfection is completed the STERISAFE® reverses the ozone gas into breathable oxygen, removes remaining particles and the room is disinfected and safe to use.

The field test uses Hygicult® TPC (Total Plate Counts) to Visually illustrate the efficacy of the disinfection process. The TPC plates show the reduction of the colony forming units (CFUs).

The first samples were taken after manual cleaning and before the Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle. Another set of samples were taken after the Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle on the same equipment or location as previously.

The automated disinfection with the STERISAFE PRO lasted a total of 2,5 hours.

After sampling, the plates were put at room temperature for 5 days as instructed by the Hygicult® manual. After that period, pictures of each plates were taken.

Hygicult® Total Plate Count contact plates

This sample were taken on the cart in the surgical theatre and visibly indicate eradication of otherwise accumulated microbes after the FDDC cycle

Hygicult® Total Plate Count contact plates

These samples were taken on the OT-Lamp handle and clearly demonstrates the efficacy of the FDDC and the accumulation of microbes prior to the cycle

Hygicult® Total Plate Count contact plates

These samples were taken on the instrument table located in the operating theatre.

The visual results clearly indicate a small accumulation of microbes before the FDDC treatment.

Antoine Adam from Vetmidi concludes this field study with following remarks about the STERISAFE PRO:

  1. Better effect than hydrogen peroxide
  2. Less toxic than formaldehyde
  3. 2,5 hours complete cycle in my surgery room I plan to use it in my kennel room.