"The fact that we can help the world deal with one of the biggest crises, if not the biggest, gives us extra motivation to work day and night to make our solution available as fast as possible" - STERISAFE

We are happy to see that The magazine 360º  has highlighted our recent journey in a well-written article. The magazine 360º is a prominent publication issued by The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

While many start-ups worldwide are racing to develop technologies that can eventually stop the corona pandemic, STERISAFE has been operating long before the crisis even took shape. The STERISAFE PRO is capable of killing viruses and bacteria on all surfaces cracks and corners. The patented technology is the only one of its kind and was mainly used within the healthcare sector. Due to corona, all sectors progressed demands on hygiene - schools, offices, healthcare, laboratories, and the entire transportation sector. STERISAFE had to move fast to expand their production sites to keep up with the growing global demand. The need for disinfection is urgent and must be maintained; We are on a critical mission to help people get back to their normal lives and restore their safety.

Read the Danish article here