Preventing outbreaks and securing patient safety with daily use of STERISAFE PRO

STERISAFE PRO proves daily efficiency in difficult times of the COVID epidemic. For us it is also a huge benefit that provides safe environments immediately after disinfection is complete, for patients and all health professionals alike. We highly recommend STERISAFE PRO in everyday use in the fight against all pathogens.

– Peter Černe, Director Assistant for nursing care at Zdravstveni dom Novo mesto (Novo Mesto Health Center)

  • Novo Mesto Health Center in Slovenia currently operates with one STERISAFE PRO unit to prevent outbreaks
  • The STERISAFE PRO robot is mostly used for disinfection of COVID entry point and COVID dentist ambulance
  • Novo Mesto Health Center is using STERISAFE PRO daily, with its short disinfection cycle to prevent outbreaks.
  • The most valued feature of the STERISAFE PRO according to Novo Mesto Health Center is its high efficacy, ease of use, low cost technology, and most important safe for user, because of  its air recycling technology