Battling hospital acquired infections (HAI's) and SARS-CoV-2 with STERISAFE PRO

“STERISAFE PRO is the newest addition in our continuous efforts to fight HAI’s. With the new Coronavirus outbreak, it proved to be a very powerful weapon in keeping our facilities safe and clean. We use it daily, especially for our OT and high risk patient rooms”

– Clinical hospital Sestre Milosrdnice

  • Clinical Hospital Sestre Milosrdnice in Zagreb, Croatia have one STERISAFE PRO unit in use for outbreak situations or patient rooms with proven Covid-19 or multiresistant bacteria.
  • The STERISAFE PRO unit is mostly used in operating theatres in the special Covid-19 section of the hospital.
  • The most used disinfection cycle is the medium cycle, that has a dwell time of 60 min.
  • The most valued features of the STERISAFE PRO unit according to the hospital staff is its high efficiency and economical use.