Healthcare-associated infections - A widespread threat with big impact

In Europe every year: 4 millions patients infected – 37,000 deaths (>100 per day). If you are admitted to a US or European hospital you have 5% chance of contracting a Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) rising to 30% in a Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Admission to hospital in emerging countries there is a 15% chance of HAI.

The cost of healthcare-associated infections to the healthcare economy

  • US CDC estimates that it costs $26,000 in treatment costs for each new HAI
  • 16 million extra days of hospital stay in EU
  • Direct cost in Europe for hospitals: €7 billion / year

In addition:

  • The rise of antibiotic resistant organisms (superbugs) means it is increasingly difficult for hospitals to fight infections
  • The least educated and lowest paid workers are tasked with eliminating dangerous bacteria