Future trends in disinfection

Emerging from a global pandemic, expectations and behaviors towards disinfection have inevitably changed.
The returning to normalcy re-introduces the pressing need for solutions with a sustainable aspect.
An additional outcome of the pandemic is the increased education of individuals when it comes to their hygiene expectations.
The new set of increased hygiene expectations requires solutions that not only can consistently perform the tasks at hand but also have the embedded ability to demonstrate their accountability. Additionally, a demand for safer working environments is present both for the service provider personnel and the healthcare workers.


Accountability and full transparency on service operations will strengthen social and operational impact of service providers in healthcare.


Utilization of biocides with minimal impact on the environment is increasing together with a need for non-residual zero waste biocides.


Solutions of user-friendly technologies with an increased focus on operator and user safety are in demand to strengthen the trust and reliability of disinfection solutions.


The markets trends identified above, have given STERISAFE a direction for our future R&D processes.
Already a year ago, we started to draw out, how we as a solution provider in healthcare, could transform these market trends into valuable products for our customers. Being a manufacturer in the health-tech industry for many years, it has always been very important to constantly innovate our portfolio and we believe to have the most extensive infrastructure and knowledge pool to do so.
A key benefit with our patented disinfection technology, The Full Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC) is that we can apply it in many shapes. This is what takes us a company, beyond “just” a manufacturing company, to being a solution provider.

Eliot Booth

Eliot Booth, CEO at STERISAFE

“we can take our patented disinfection technology and integrate it into our clients operations according to their needs. We want to constantly innovate our solutions to fit market trends and technological advancements”

From trendsTo solutions

One of the inherent benefits of FDDC, is our ability to validate disinfection cycles and efficacy. Our extensive pool of scientific data and knowledge acquired from years of experience enables us to recommend exactly how to apply our disinfection technology to fulfil customer specific requirements. Our core technology, consist of three variables that are precisely monitored, allowing us to validate that each disinfection procedure, meet requirements for optimal efficacy.
Disinfection data are accessible via our newly developed cloud system “STRATOS”. STERISFE STRATOS makes it easy for facility managers to automatically access disinfection information from any device. The fact that all our solutions are inter-linked to our STERISAFE platform makes validation and fleet management very user friendly.

Key values throughout our product development journey have always been to develop solutions that were sustainable and easy to use. The fact that all our solutions now work without consumables, but create the active biocide in-situ, is something we are very proud of. This is of course, also helping our clients to receive a sustainable solution, where storage and use of chemicals is obsolete.

Safety has been a major topic concerning our partners during the pandemic. COVID 19 provided an abundance of dubious disinfection products entering the market with various unsubstantiated claims. In STERISAFE we take safety serious both from operational procedures and disinfection standards.
The fact that we are able to validate our technology with precise measuring technology, provides a quality stamp that ensures clients that the area they have disinfected is actually meeting the requirements. Being able to consistently validate disinfection procedures is what truly makes disinfection safe.
When it comes to personal precautions and safety, there is no way around a thorough training and instruction course for operators. We often experience that disinfection technologies are sold without proper guidelines and our goal is make everyone using our solutions, to experts.
To avoid human safety errors all our solutions use real time monitoring, making it possible for operators to know the exact status of each area during a disinfection process. This safety feature is inherent to all our solutions and it allows not only for tracking the disinfection process, but gives operators the peace of mind to know when the area is completely safe to enter post disinfection. Our real time monitoring and sensor technology is the same used for our disinfection validation, but also ensures that no person need to rely on approximate estimations about biocidal safety levels, and therefore avoid exposure to harmful biocides.

Illustration of several STERISAFE installations, connected to the STERISAFE STRATOS cloud system.


Applyingsolutionsto unique projects

One of our most recent projects in Germany is driven by legislative demands in line with the trends of safety & accountability. The new DIN 13062 norm is requiring the disinfection of cleaning trolleys after each shift in healthcare.  For this specific purpose, we designed a solution using our STERISAFE PRO automated disinfection robot to our clients. Our solution meets the demands of our clients and additionally upgrade their capabilities by providing an outbreak control within their portfolio.

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