Pharmaceutical company, Slovenia (requests to remain anonymous)

STERISAFE's automated disinfection unit, the STERISAFE PRO used to disinfect equipment entering the facilities.

This company chose disinfection with STERISAFE’s ozone technology as the primary solution to disinfect all materials which enters the company’s facilities. The STERISAFE PRO is used inside all trucks (closed type ,containers…).
Mostly the short cycle is used (30 min disinfection time) because test results from the company’s internal laboratory showed sufficient efficacy using this cycle.

Use & valuable features

Disinfection of goods and equipment. Disinfection happens in trucks or containers before entering the premises.
Most valuable features of STERISAFE PRO includes; Effectiveness, Reliability, Traceability & Monitoring

Disinfection information

The typical room volume is 33m3 and take approximately 1 hour and 40 min to complete with STERISAFE's automated Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle.