STERISAFE PRO environmental case study in a Scandinavian bakery

A big Scandinavian bakery contacted STERISAFE with an inquiry for testing the Full-Depth Disinfection Technology (FDDC) late may 2017. A STERISAFE PRO operator carried out a day long test at one of the baking sites. The bakery analyzed the results at their own microbiology lab and registered a total kill of the fungi organisms – yeast and mold. The Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) count before the FDDC was 74, and after disinfection with STERISAFE we reached a total kill of 0. The result is outstanding as manual cleaning was not carried out.

Preparation of the room and sealing of the ventilation

THe field test operator sealed the ventilation of the room in 10 minutes. Manual cleaning was not performed before this test.
The volume of the room was 64 m3.

Cycle times

The quality assurance personnel decided on using the 180 min FDDC and 60 min FDDC. However, STERISAFE recommends to using the medium (180 min) cycle as the standard for these type of environments, when manual cleaning is not conducted.

The test took place on Tuesday the 13th of June 2017 in a workshop room in the cooling section of the facility.
STERISAFE commissioned a field test technician to carry out the tests, while the hygiene experts from the bakery collected the microbiology samples and performed the analysis.
Malt extract agar plates were used for the collection on 20 different locations in the room on certain times:

  • Before FDDC at 7:30
  • After 180 min long FDDC at 13:30
  • After second 60 min FDDC at 15:30

FDDC and STERISAFE PRO demonstrated a total kill of he fungi – yeast and mold.

The graph below illustrates the results