Chest Diseases Hospital Kuwait

Safeguarding operating theaters

Clean and safe operating rooms with little to no risk of attracting a hospital acquired infection during operation is why Chest Diseases Hospital in Kuwait have chosen STERISAFE. STERISAFE PRO were the preferred choice over alternative disinfection methods, because of a need to cover more and hard to reach areas (hidden surfaces). The implementation of STERISAFE PRO was made to ensure clean disinfected rooms and reduce infection rates for patients through accountable and documented disinfection.

other decision making factors was the STERISAFE Full Depth Disinfection Cycle efficacy to eliminate microorganisms on surfaces & equipment in the entire room.
The ability for personnel to use the operating rooms directly after a completed disinfection cycle and the disinfection procedures ease of use.

Disinfection information

The STERISAFE PRO is operated to secure a full terminal disinfection of operating theaters every week. The room volume ranges from 75 - 150m3 and the average time to complete terminal disinfection on an entire operating room with equipment is 2 Hours and 30 min.

“A good weapon to kill virus, bacteria & germs”


Dr. Jamal Al Fadhli, Chairman Cardiac Surgery Dept.

“Good to use in operating theaters & intensive care units”


Dr. Faisal Al-Saiedi, Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Dept.