Easy terminal disinfection

Terminal disinfection by STERISAFE™ – easy and harmless

EASY: STERISAFE™ needs only electricity and water to disinfects entire hospital rooms. This means that the operator only has to roll the mobile disinfection unit into the room, plug it in, fill the water tank, seal the air ducts and shut the door. The terminal disinfection is activated remotely from a user friendly app on a tablet.

DOWNLOAD Biocidal effect in terminal disinfection: STERISAFE™-Pro case study

The gentle germ killer

Allows rapid re-use of the room after the terminal disinfection

Rooms must be vacated during disinfection cycle, but patients and staff can safely move back in just minutes after the disinfection is complete. At the end of its cycle STERISAFE™ completely removes all traces of ozone, of particles and of nanoparticles. Even smells are removed in the patented STERISAFE™ Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle.
STERISAFE™ leaves only clean air and disinfected surfaces.


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