The STERISAFE™ product-line is based on a unique technology: The patented Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle

Pervasive: To disinfect, the STERISAFE™ takes oxygen from the surrounding air and activates it. By simply joining three oxygen atoms it creates ozone which is a powerful biocide. Just like oxygen, ozone is a gas, so it easily floods the room. It even creeps into cracks and under furnishings. When the STERISAFE™ disinfects a room, no germs are protected no matter where they are hiding.

Reversible: When the disinfection cycle is complete, the STERISAFE™ reverses the process and turns the ozone back into safe, breathable oxygen. In the procedure to remove the ozone Sterisafe also disinfects the air in the room and removes all particles left over from the process. After the disinfection cycle STERISAFE™ leaves only clean air and disinfected surfaces. This is full depth disinfection.

Natural: The patented Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle is inspired by processes taking place naturally in the upper Earth atmosphere. Ozone generated from oxygen is an important part of the atmospheres self cleaning capability. In nature, Ozone cleans the air, and then reverts to safe, breathable oxygen within hours. In the FDDC process the reconversion from ozone to oxygen is accelerated. Instead of taking hours the transformation takes place in seconds.

Cost efficient: Because the STERISAFE™ uses only electricity and water to run, there are no additional purchases to budget for. Because the ozone completely floods the room, there is no need for additional manual disinfection. Because the STERISAFE™ deep disinfection cycle obliterates all traces of the germs it kills, sterisafed rooms are safe to enter just seconds after a completed cycle.

The Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle:

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