Safeguarding hotel guests

Disinfecting hotels room with STERISAFE PRO’s patented and proven ozone technology, will ensure that each hotel room remains corona virus free

The magic behind the STERISAFE PRO is its ability to disinfect every inch of a corner without leaving a trace. Enjoy the scent of a thunderstorm, and let it be a reminder that your room is now safe to enter.

When your cleanliness stands out

To administer a successful hotel, one must be extremely persistent in maintaining a high service standard.  Now more than ever, customers are requesting superior hygiene standards as well.  A “STERISAFED” room indicates that extra care has been given to ensure guests’ and staff’s safety. It is your chance to provide a COVID-free environment. The STERISAFE sign on the door signifies that the utmost precautions have been taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment – The safest guarantee for a pleasant stay.

Environmentally friendly

STERISAFE’s technology is chemical-free and imitates nature’s own cleaning mechanisms. In addition to disinfecting surfaces and air, the STERISAFE PRO actively removes unhealthy particles. Not only will you provide a space free of unwanted bacteria, but you are also bettering the quality of the air for everyone.

Disinfecting of common areas

Common areas, such as conference rooms, pool areas, and spa areas, are high-risk environments for contracting the coronavirus. By disinfecting these areas at least once every 24 hours, the overall contamination level is reduced significantly, and the essential functions that these rooms support can finally be resumed.

Information is power

With STERISAFE PRO’s live monitoring, you will continuously be supplied with valuable data and disinfection reports to track performance and stay ahead of your operations. This gives you a unique opportunity to manage your health regimen based on user-friendly data.

Validation and security

The STERISAFE PRO robot will keep a close eye on the room during disinfection.
Equipped with extensive monitoring systems and a wireless cloud platform, STERISAFE PRO will inform the user when the room is disinfected and safe to enter.

Post Corona

The coronavirus has sparked worldwide awareness for increased hygiene and social distancing. Though we all are working hard to fight the novel coronavirus, our newly adopted hygiene standards will remain to prevent future outbreaks.

STERISAFE will keep you safe from all microorganisms, even the common cold, and will ensure that your hotel room is clean no matter which state the world is in.

Being safe, feeling safe, STERISAFE

At STERTISAFE, we do not compromise on quality.

If our many years of experience with microbiology and disinfection have taught us anything – you cannot cut corners when it comes to hygiene. There is a reason why we have gone to lengths to assure that our technology is well tested, documented, and safe to use.

We pride ourselves on symbolizing trust and credibility. We aim to be transparent in all of our findings and always ensure third party verification. Explore our website, and check out our whitepapers in which our science is built around.

Download our datasheetSee our references here

Upgrade and train your staff

Based on all the specs that the STERISAFE PRO provides, it might seem very advanced to operate. However, we have ensured that anyone can manage it with minimal training.

Integrating disinfection into your own daily operating has never been easier.

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