Automated room disinfection

Compared to current alternatives on the market, which are efficient but only treat certain surface areas or deduce harmful chemicals,  STERISAFE™-Pro purifies the air and disinfects all surfaces and fissures, and is completely free from chemicals and nanoparticles.

It is a mobile unit that brings disinfection to new heights with a patented full-depth disinfection cycle particularly beneficial for the healthcare sector e.g. operating theaters, patient room or ICU. It is a flexible plug-and-play unit that is automated and differentiates from e.g. UV lamps by using gas for disinfection.

After completed disinfection,  STERISAFE™-Pro reverses the cycle and breaks down the gas, leaving the room safe for usage with no trace of bacteria or excess gas. The machine is easy to control with a tablet that informs about the disinfection cycles from start to end. A true game changer to the market, as it continuously measures the gas concentration and thus increases the safety of employees and patients by preventing hospital infections – and at the same time reduces manual cleaning.

Automated room disinfection


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