STERISAFE ApS bridges the gap between science and business by pioneering novel disinfection technologies

Located on the campus of the University of Copenhagen and in the heart of the Copenhagen Science City, STERISAFE ApS runs a state-of-the-art research facility. The facility is arguably Northern Europe’s newest and most sophisticated atmospheric chemistry laboratory serving as the key facility for STERISAFE ApS’s in-house analysis, modeling and design work for new advanced disinfection technologies.

STERISAFE ApS’s advanced disinfection technology is based on natural and energy efficient principles that do not produce any hazardous detergents or chemical waste. The company’s purification solutions use activated oxygen (ozone) to remove pathogens from a surface or in the air.

The development and implementation of STERISAFE ApS’s innovative solutions are based on applied research and science. The company’s own research facility and the organizations deep scientific knowledge represent the pivotal element in the company’s go-to-market strategy and its contact with clients, partners, suppliers, and other important stakeholders.

The organization is a spin-off from the clean-tech company INFUSER, a leader in the development of novel technologies for air purification and pollution control.

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